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A Visit to a Zoo English Essay

A Visit to a Zoo English Essay

A Visit to a Zoo English essayA Visit to a Zoo English Essay, Last month, our class made a program to visit the zoo at Lahore. On a cloudy morning, we with our teachers proceeded to the zoo. All the students were happy and enthusiastic. They wanted to see various animals and birds there. The students who had not already visited the zoo were particularly excited. Soon, we reached there, bought the tickets and entered the zoo. It was a vast green area. Many cage-like cabins were built in various parts of the zoo. Our teachers studied the map of the zoo displayed at the entrance. Then they took us to different sections of the zoo. First of all we saw many birds. The birds with radiant colorful feathers looked elegant.
The outstanding beauty of peacocks fascinated us very much. One of the peacocks was displaying its feathers. Another was dancing in ecstasy. The feathers of the peacocks looked glowing like the colors of a rainbow. Then we went to the section of animals. There were all kinds of animals. But the lions, tigers, deer, elephants and monkeys fascinated us the most. The lions with their starry eyes and heavy manes looked terrific. The elephant with its huge body looked like a mound. But the most amazing of all animals were the monkeys. We enjoyed tricks with them. They were playing and dancing in their cages to amuse the people. Then we went to the portion of reptiles. There we saw crocodiles and snakes. We spent a lot of time there and enjoyed ourselves much. Then we went to the canteen and drank tea. After taking some rest, we left the zoo and returned home.

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