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How to increase my Cost per Click (CPC)?

Blogging is no doubt one of the most earning businesses online even in Pakistan. It needs minimum effort if you know well how to blog. Initially bloggers have to pay considerate time and attention towards things that help them in money making online wisely. However, once things are settled, your blog starts making money with little effort endorsement but on regular basis. Even if you feel it hard to make money online using blogging then no worries at all. Read here to know other best ways that help in making cash online without blogging. On the other hand, bloggers who use Google Adsense to make money online have to consider factors that are essential to increase adsense revenue. Several terms are important in case of Google Adsense earnings, where CPC or Cost per Click is a most probable and imperative term that has huge impact on how much you earn from your blog. That is why, increasing CPC is as important as running a blog itself. Blogs that have low CPC are unable to generate huge revenue for you even if you receive decent traffic to your blog. If you want to know how to increase blog CPC, then read the following tips that work efficiently to increase blog/website CPC (cost per click).

how to increase cpc? tips

What is CPC (Cost per Click?)

Google Adsense is a most powerful and high paying source of income for publishers that pays using CPC method. In this way, when a visitor visits a site/blog, if he clicks on any of ads placed on that website, Google pays the publisher for that particular click. This is known as Cost per Click scenario where publishers are paid by Adsense based on CPC. Depending on numerous factors, CPC can range from $0.01 to even more than $100 per click. Here are few best tips to increase Google Adsense CPC:

Focus On Niche

Before starting blogging, you must think about choosing most convenient and useful niche. Niche means topic or theme of your blog. It is better to choose a niche that is popular among people as more people will be interested in to know about it hence, there are chances of receiving better CPC. You may search for topics and ideas people are looking for on the internet. There are various tools that can help you to know what people are looking for and what they want. For instance, Google Trends is a free service by Google that enables you to know what people are searching online. You can even find searches in specific countries to target traffic from certain region. Here is a list of most popular niches that people want to know about. You can choose any of them to receive better traffic and high CPC (such as, by means of targeting traffic from certain countries).
increase cpc to increase adsense revenue

Popular Niches 

Health and Fitness

Choose High Paying Keywords

After choosing most popular niche, next important factor that increases CPC is to choose high paying keywords. In this way, it is very important to keep in mind that choosing high paying keywords that have high competition may be difficult for you to rank especially if you are new to blogging. That is why, thorough research is mandatory to choose only those keywords that offer higher CPC and do not have so much high competition that becomes harder for you to rank them in Google and other search engines. Using different keyword tools (such as, Google Keyword Tool)  allow bloggers to choose high paying keywords where high paying refers to higher cost per click or CPC.  

Use Quality Content

If your blog does not have quality content, it is not going to gain desirable CPC, even if you choose popular niche and high paying keywords (Find what Quality Content is?). Content serves as King for every blog and website no matter what is its niche. It is good to use long articles having word count more than 500 and more is even better. It is because, long article has better keyword optimization hence, ranking it is easier. In addition to this, if keyword optimized articles (SEO articles) are ranked well in Google, it helps to receive increased CPC especially if targeted special regions such as, United States through proper keywords insertion.

Target Right Traffic Sources

This is the most important thing to increase your CPC. In this way, bloggers target specific location where cost per click is better than in other regions. For instance, United States and United Kingdom are such countries where CPC is much higher than CPC in India and Bangladesh etc. You can even mention desirable country in Google Web Master Tools to target audience from. Find how to target country in SEO to increase CPC.

Use Attractive Ads Format

If ads on your blog are striking and eye catching then, they will certainly get clicks. It is better to make use of convenient Ad sizes that they may gain user attraction easily. Plus, ad placement is important too. It is better to place ads in portion that are more visible on your blog or website so more users may click on it hence, resulting better revenues.

How to Target a Country in SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a most widely used and certainly the most popular term on the internet. It is because; it is search engine optimization that takes your business from bottom to top. In fact, if you want to know what is SEO search engine optimization; then answer would be like this: search engine optimization signifies organic search engine optimization and ways to increase website traffic (Learn how to increase keyword rankings fast? )

target a country in seo

This wouldn’t be wrong to say that organic search engine is what that leads towards best ways to increase website traffic. In SEO, you can also target a country of your choice. It means that if every single parameter is considered and adopted sensibly, you can even target most of United States traffic to your blog or website very easily. This strategy allows making money easily with blogging.

What is SEO search engine optimization?

SEO, Search engine optimization or organic search engine optimization is what that is most desirable for every single webmaster as well as blogger (Learn What is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?). In fact, bloggers struggle for getting higher and higher in search engine results. In simple words, search engine optimization is the way to maintain your website or blog in a manner that it becomes visible in top results of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  For instance, you are running a blog on Fashion named as Latest Fashion Trends. Now, if you want to let people know your blog then, you have to adopt certain top SEO techniques. SEO techniques are not limited to just organic traffic but many other methods that help out to improve rankings of a blog or website (Learn What is Google Page Rank and how it works?). SEO signifies organic traffic to a website or blog. Fake visitors or traffic that is bought to target a country is of no use for major search engines including Google and Yahoo.  

In addition to this, writing quality content is a must for every blogger who wants to make money online easily. Quality content is unique and easy to understand article that conveys certain meaningful information to its readers (Learn how to make money online by Writing Articles?)

After that, link building plays a vital role to attract many visitors at once. It is a SEO technique that allows bloggers to place their blog links on related websites or web pages. In return, visitors to that website click on your placed links. Hence you receive more visitors and if any visitor clicks Adsense ads on your blog, it also adds revenue to your Adsense earnings. (Find Matt Cutts Reviews on Link Building)

Another SEO or organic search engine optimization technique refers to regular and considerate use of social media websites. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are most well known social websites that allow thousands of people to share their ideas and conversation online. Using social media increases website traffic resulting huge boost in ad revenues as it helps in earning money online easily.

Ways to increase website traffic through organic SEO

It is obvious that getting clicks on advertiser’s ads from most developed countries such as United States; United Kingdom etc is a best to increase adsense revenue. For instance, Google Adsense pays highest for ad clicks that are made from any of the above mentioned and other developed countries.  Proper organic search engine optimization increases website traffic. In fact, there is no better way to increase website traffic than doing SEO for it (Find how to block some Google Adsense Ads?)

How to target a country in SEO? What is SEO for specific country?

  • Target a country in SEO is not hard at all. This takes a few simple steps to target a country of your choice while using Google webmaster Tools. Here are these few simple steps to target a country SEO:
  • First of all, log to your Google Adsense account.
  • After logging in, click on this link:
  • On left side of Google Webmaster Tools, you will find “Search Traffic”. Click on this option.
  • Now, you will find “International Targeting”. Here are two options provided i.e. target specific language or target country.
  • Choose Target Country option.
  • At this option, you can choose from a long list of countries that you can target in SEO. After choosing any country to target, click on ‘Save’ button. It will save changes made to International Targeting in Webmaster Tools. 
target specific country in seo

Can I target Traffic from United States in SEO?

Many bloggers especially those who are new to blogging and want to make money quickly, want to know the answer to this questions “can I target traffic from United States with SEO?" This is certainly possible by the same procedure that is described above. Just in the end, choose United States from country list and click ‘Save’ button to save changes. And this is all! SEO can only be useful for you if you follow other mentioned SEO techniques properly.

How to Block some Google Adsense Ads?

Google has become one of the most famous and useful source of income for all those who use either of its two services i.e. Adsense and Adwords. In case of Google Adsense, users are agreed on placing different ads by Google that are when clicked adds some amount of revenue in publisher’s Adsense account.  This is the way how people make money online blogging. No matter which kind of website or blog you have, Google places different ads on different placements on your website or blog. This is up to you where Google places such ads. However, most annoying and unpleasant moment is when you find ads being placed on your website that are not much related to your niche or in fact look like spam. Users or bloggers. A few times before, users were unable to manage and remove such ads that are chosen by Google however situation has changed now. After receiving too many complaints or requests from publishers, Google has now allowed them to clock certain ads that are irrelevant or look like spam. Find how to block some Google Adsense Ads in the following section.
How to Block some Google Adsense Ads?

How to Block some Google Adsense Ads?

  •  In the beginning, it seems difficult how to block some Google ads however; things are quite simple after reading following steps to block some Google ads.
  • In order to block an ad, you need to find its URL. Finding address of text ad is simple but, you need to do an additional step to find address of a banner ad.
  • For a banner ad, right click on it and click on “Copy link address”.
  • After copying address of the ad, paste it in a WordPad document.
  • You can see the address of that Adsense ad at the end of the link.
  • This is the time to block an adsense ad after getting its proper URL. Log in to your Adsense account and click on “Allow and Block Ads”.
  • Ensure that you have selected the website from side panel you want to block an ad on.
  • After that, click on “Advertiser URLs” and paste the address of that unwanted ad in it.
  • You can block as many ads as you need by following the same procedure.
How to Block certain Google Adsense Ads?

Note: Remember that this method of how to block Adsense ads may not work properly for Flash ads.
Proper placement of Adsense Ads is essential to make money online wisely. Publishers have to find worth of ads that are paying more than others. For this case, they should keep blocking useless ads that are not related to their websites or blogs and, are not generating enough revenue. In my next article, I will share my views on how to find low performance of Adsense categories that need to be blocked for required revenue generation. Keep visiting and sharing these posts on Facebook, Google Plus and other social media platforms.

Reasons to use Credit Cards?

Here on "Blogging in Pakistan", I just try to keep sharing ideas to make money online wisely. It is not much easy to make money using internet if you are new to online money making world (Learn Tips to work online). On the other hand, if everything is done with thought and proper knowledge, it isn’t really hard to make money online wisely. In fact, there are numerous types of projects you can do online, such as, writing, web designing, web development,  and of course blogging (Learn how to make money online blogging?). Even after making money online, people do not know how to receive their payments in Pakistan. (Learn Top methods to receive payments in Pakistan). The most common way to receive your payment is to use online banking if your client is within the country (Pakistan). On the other hand, you may also go for using other methods such as, credit cards!

reasons to use credit cards

Why use Credit Cards?

If we have so many methods to withdraw or receive money in Pakistan then why should go for credit cards? Well, there are many solid reasons that can justify and answer this question. We will find some of the most important and valuable aspects which make credit cards useful and convenient. Let us proceed to find reasons to use credit cards in the next section below:


The most important reason to use a credit card is safety. This is certainly not possible to keep cash (huge amount) in the pocket every time. Further, no once exactly knows when he or she will need money for any expense. At all such moments, a credit card can save you from probable risks. You can have huge money in your card that cannot be stolen similar to cash. Plus, if you need money at any time, you can withdraw it from your card without any problem.

Ease of Use

Another convenient factor that signifies why to use credit cards is ease of use. Using it is simpler than anything. You can keep it with you every time. You can use it to withdraw or receive payment any time. You can even use it online to buy anything. Several websites and online auctions accept credit cards. Especially, websites that have PayPal acceptance are mostly found to accept credit cards from those who do not have PayPal.  So, a credit card can be used online and offline anytime.

uses of credit cards

Accepted Everywhere

One another most inspiring and beneficial reason to use credit cards is that they are accepted almost everywhere. Whether you need to pay anyone, or you need to withdraw your money; whether you need to pay on a shopping store or pay for any online shopping, this card is accepted everywhere. There is no safety issue, nothing to do with theft and no tension if your card is lost. Just call your bank for complain of card lost and ask them to generate new one. You can get back a new credit card without any loss of money. Just make sure you responded to your card loss instantly and that’s all.

Benefits of Top Level Domains

As in my last article on how to register Google domains, I mentioned that building an online business without a website and domain is of no use. Whether you offer any kind of services (such as, web designing, web development etc) or do blogging for your own earning, (such as to make money online blogging), an interactive website is a must. And a website without a domain (.com, .net, .biz etc) is useless. Though, we can still make money with our websites and blogs with .BlogSpot or .wordpress domain endings, but, several factors signify using proper domains. Such domains may also be referred to as top level domains. Let us talk about in depth about them on "Blogging in Pakistan".

How to find Top Level domains?

Benefits of top level domains
Finding domains is not a big deal. Several websites are providing free as well as paid domains that you can buy online using different payment methods. Even several companies are found to provide top level domains online not just in Pakistan but in other countries. Some of very well known websites that provide vast range of domains include hostgator and GoDaddy. These websites offer different packages to buy either domains or hosting with domains. It is better to keep visiting such websites to know different coupon code schemes to buy required top level domains easily.

top level domains

How to register Top Level Domains?

As mentioned above, different websites provide different methods for the payment of domains you purchase. Most probably, you will need either PayPal or credit card to buy and register top level domains easily.

Benefits of using Top Level Domains

Using such domains bring most pleasing benefits to your online business especially if you want to make money online blogging. Some of the most useful benefits you can get after you register top level domains are listed below:
  • Such domains are easy to remember so; it can boost traffic to your blog easily as people can remember your website with no trouble.
  • A domain has become source of income especially for blogger who make money online wisely using their blogs. It is because, major search engines such as, Google, Yahoo and Bing, regard proper domain names. Becoming popular in search engines allow to collect more revenue easily.
  • After using for a long time, if you want to sell your domains, you can do so very easily. It is because, intelligent bloggers and webmaster are very well aware of importance of top level domains. So, you can earn even while selling your domains whenever you want!
There are endless benefits of such domains. If you want to make money online wisely, registering proper domains is essential for you!

How to register Google Domains Online!

Before going details of using Google domains, it is necessary to understand what an online business and which one are its imperative necessities. Several factors matter while talking about running a successful online business. In fact, it is not so hard to make money if proper management is done efficiently. Whether you run a blog to make money online blogging or want to promote any of your product or service, online business needs two most useful things i.e. an interactive website and most relevant domain.

Register Google domains

How to make money online wisely using Domains?

If you have a functional website and you want to put it on internet, this requires you to register domain. Domain is a URL or universal resources locator that reveals an online address for a particular website or blog. Most of the people who make money online blogging know the importance of a domain very well.  Numerous websites are offering services to register domains online. You can pay online while using PayPal and VISA card most of the times.

What are Google Domains?

Google is recognized as most powerful source of income all over the world especially for all those who make money online blogging. Google has different earning schemes that help people to make money online wisely. Since last year, we heard about Google Domains that are domains offered by Google. After its partnership with most famous websites that offer website building services, Google planned to offer its own domains that are worth. Websites including and are partners with Google in offering wide range of domains. Initially, Google offered this superb service in just United States but now after receiving requests from several regions of the world, it decided to provide its domains in other countries too. If you live in any other country except United Sates, you can easily check for Google domain availability in your region by following this link:

How to register Google Domains?

By using the above link, you can submit a request for Google domains. After analyzing your domain request, if it is available, Google will notify you and then, you can register Google domains online easily.

Benefits of Google Domains

Being most powerful revenue offering system, Google brings several exciting new features with its domains. Some of most pleasing benefits are listed below:
  • Attractive variations in domain names!
Google offers additional domain endings to basic ones. It means that now you will be able to use different endings with your registered domains such as, .academy, .careers, .clothing, .computer, .gallery, .international, .supply, .today and many more! You can find complete list of domain endings here.

how to register Google domians?

  • Integrate Google Domains with Your blogs!
Google enables its users to work with its blog and domain easily. That is why, it offers an integrated environment where users can easily connect their domains with their bloggers blog and work with no troubles at all.
There are many other inspiring features of registering Google domains. Just visit and have fun!

What is White Hat SEO and Black Hate SEO?

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is a process through which quality and volume of a website’s traffic can be enhanced to make money online wisely. This is useful as we know that higher a website ranks, higher it is in the search engine result pages and thus, flow of traffic (visitors) increases automatically. Due to the increased importance of search engines such as, Yahoo and Google, SEO has become popular after internet/online marketing strategy that helps to make money online blogging. 

what is white hat seo and black hat seo?
Rankings are determined by search engines through proprietary algorithms that are hidden and protected but these are based on some specific well known principles that SEOs apply to enhance search ranking. There are two types of SEOs; black hat and white hat, and the difference between them is determined by what techniques are used when applying those principles. 

What is Black Hat SEO?  

Black hat SEO involves such attempts to enhance rankings in unapproved ways by search engines, including deception. This is because these practices go against current search engine principles that allow bloggers and webmasters to make money online blogging.

white hat and black hat seo

What is White Hat SEO? 

On the other hand, White hat SEO involves approved practices to gain high search engine rankings, as they comply with the guidelines/principles of the search engine. 

Differences between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO methods include such traits that break the rules and regulations of search engines, lead to poor user experience, present unethical content in visual and non-visual ways to search engine spiders and also, human users. There is no doubt, that these methods produce quick results but can also lead to high penalty if caught eventually disturbing your way to make money online blogging. Thus, it is just a temporary and risky solution that may lead to long term problems.
The main aim of White Hat SEO is to promote accessibility; therefore it generates content for users not for search engines. It follows all guidelines of a search engine and also, ensures that its content by search engines is uniform for all human users. White hat SEO is amongst best way to make money online wisely. Its focus is on readability, relevancy of content, structure and wordings of content that will be beneficial for people who will read. Thus, it is a long term honest solution for long term benefits to make money online wisely and safely (Read How to increase Website Traffic?)