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Matt Cutts views about Link building

Previously, I posted article about Google Panda 4.0 Update and its effects on a blog. A few months ago, one another important topic has become the center of attention for bloggers around the world. This is regarding importance of Link Building whether it is effective yet or not.

Link building

Link Building

Link building is a considerate useful technique that is employed in search engine optimization in order to bring traffic to your blog from other higher page rank websites and blogs.
Matt Cutts, Head of Webspam at Google has shared his views about Link Building that are worth for every blogger whether new or professional. Let us have a look at brief of one of his video messages during last few months in recent year 2014.

On 29 January, Matt Cutts mentioned:

“I wouldn't count on [article directories] being effective”

What Matt Cutts says about Link building

Explanation of Matt Cutts Message

Link building through directory submission is not a novel technique rather it is being used since many years ago by most professional bloggers who earned with techniques to make money online blogging. However, this technique is so popular and widespread that now many bloggers have started making is usage illegal. It means that many bloggers and web masters submit low level stuff (articles) on different directories just to get a link to their blogs for free. This has decreased the worth of even legally submitted high quality articles. Therefore, Matt Cutts has mentioned in his video message that Google will no longer regard links built through directory submission. Bloggers who are making efforts to make money online wisely have to consider Matt Cutts views about link building.

Link Building for SEO

Should I Use Directory Submission for Link Building?

After Matt Cutts thoughts on directory submission link building technique, it is certainly not effective for any of you (blogger who wants to earn through his blog or who wants to make money online blogging) to use this manner. It is because, it will be effective for your blog in any way rather it can decrease the value of your blog as some low quality article(s) is pointing towards it. So, staying away from article directory submission is better than being considered as spam. You can adopt other link building techniques to make money online blogging such as, guest blogging, social marketing, video sharing etc…

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