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Health and Physical Fitness Articles

Health and Physical Fitness Articles

Health and Physical Fitness Articles

In our last article, we read "Computer Essay in English". Knowing computer is itself very important especially if you want to make money online wisely through any way. Still, we have many things to know about and we can do it all if we are healthy and physically perfect. Therefore today, I am bringing an article on Health and fitness so you people may know the importance of being healthy and smart.

Health means physical and mental well-being. It is said that health is wealth. It is a great gift of Allah. A healthy man can enjoy the beauties of nature. He can lead a happy life. Nothing can comfort an ill man. Such a man loses all the charms of life. Life becomes dull for him. He himself becomes a burden on others. Therefore, nothing is more precious than health. Man should pay a good heed to his health. good food, fresh air, pure water and regular physical exercise are necessary for health. 
Human beings need food to grow. Regular physical exercise makes a man healthy and active. It is as important as good food. Therefore, we should take part in all good physical activities that bring fitness and freshness to our mind, body and soul. Government should ensure good conditions for people living in both rural and urban regions. It should provide them with pure water. Government should also provide them many other first-class health services that are necessary for a normal and healthy life style.

I hope, this article helped you knowing the significance of being smart and healthy.With these little things kept in mind, you can enjoy a healthy life that can help you chase all your goals to make money online wisely!

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