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Computer Essay in English

Computer Essay in English

Computer Essay in English

Today my topic is "Computer Essay in English". Before we carry on to our actual topic, let me go through our previous topic/article that was about "City Life Essay In English". So far, we have also covered many articles to make money online blogging including "Best SEO Tips" and "Top Blogging Platforms". You can also read how to make money online wisely? on "blogging in Pakistan".

Computer Essay English

A computer is a collection of machines parts. These machines are operated by a central control unit. These machines can read information. They can store it for law use. mother board, processor, RAM, monitor, key board, mouse, CD ROM and floppy drive are the main components of a computer. Life has become very quick in this age. Computer can do a task much quicker that a man. Thus, it has become very important. It is used in every field of life. In industry, computer is used to keep a record of goods, cost and output. It provides great deal of help in engineering. It helps to design buildings of all kinds. In medicine, computer helps to perform various tests. In addition, computer helps to collect information in space, sea and earth explorations,. It would not be wrong to say that it has performed wonders in the field of education too . Various universities of the world are linked through computers. It is because of computer that the whole world has become a global village.

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