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Boy Scouts Essay in English

Boy Scouts Essay in English

Last time, I brought "A Visit to a Hill Station Essay in English" entailing my trip to Murree and other picnic points. I just wanted to keep my readers fresh and energetic so they do not feel boring and stressed even though, the basic intention of my blog is to promote tips and tactics to make money online wisely using Blogging to make money. Therefore, I just keep updating my blog topics.
Boy Scouts is a British organization. Lord Baden Powell founded it in 1910. the objectives of the organization are very good and noble. its main aim is to train the boys for life. it trains them to do their duties well. it makes them useful citizens. they become honest, responsible and punctual. the boys who jin the organization state under oath that they would observe good morals. they would be loyal to God, to their country and to humanity. to serve humans would be their first concern. they would not limit themselves to a country or a religion. to serve the suffering humans would be their sole occupation. The boy scouts observe high sense of morality. Their behavior with the people remains good. they help the needy and the poor. they are ever ready to soothe the sorrows of others. they sacrifice their sleep for the rest of others.

Boy Scouts Essay

They wipe the tears of the wretched. they remain ready for any emergency. But it is the organization that makes them so. it is an extremely positive and healthy movement. it should be promoted particularly in poor countries. there the free social services of boys could be very useful in solving the widespread social problems.

My next article will be on City Life English Essay.  Keep visiting and sharing useful posts to make money online wisely.

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