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Make Money Online Blogging

Make Money Online Blogging

In our last article, we talked about Top Blogging Platforms so you people can learn and choose best blogging platform to make money online blogging. However, today we will talk in detail about how to make money online wisely with a blog.
Many of other bloggers from several countries are searching for making money from blogging. It is not easy to make money online blogging. If you rank well on Google then its too easy. When I started this blog I was not able to earned from it initially. I think that I have 20 visitors from Google per month so therefore I could not earn money. It was for me to make money online blogging if I would have received near about 1000 or more visitors from Google. The main reason for my zero earnings was lack of useful content here on 'Blogging in Pakistan'. So, I started posting articles on this blog and after 7 months, I reached to receive reward for my efforts. I analyzed that Google is appreciating my work that is becoming my way to make money online blogging. There are many ways to make money with your blog. Here is the list of most popular ways to make money online blogging.

Google Adsense

make money online blogging

Google Adsense is the best CPC ad serving program owned by Google. Google Adsense provides a ads of different companies with different cpc rates. You can earn money 0.8$ to 2.5$ per click. After you earn 10$ Google adsense company will send you an pin at your postal address. After you enter your pin at your google adsense account then you will be verified. After 100$ they will send you a cheque on your postal address at the end of month. There are some terms and conditions of Adsense program. I have also started using adsense with amazing effort. I have noticed that the 250x300 pixel ad is working best. I have earned best money from 300x250 pixel ad and I recommend you also. I don't have much luck with their referral program. But I am earning little bit from this program.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is such a good way to earn money. But you can earn not enough from them. You will earn some money of each program. You can sign up for any affiliate marketing program. The best program of affiliate is hostgator hosting service. You can earn much from it. There are some other like, Software marketing, E book Selling, Book Selling, Pop up Ads, Monthly bases links, Click bank offers, Amazon affiliate etc. If you try to make more money then click bank is best for you. Choose a relative niche and select any product to promote then put its image and url, you will get 75% of any sale. Alternative Programs of Adsense There are many programs which provides a ad service, but their cpc rate is low then adsense. Google Adsense is the world best program and best cpc rate.
There are certainly many ways that help people in order to make money online wisely for example, making money online with Google Adsense, make money with, make money online with etc. It just needs understanding for using any of these particular making money approaches and then being patient for getting desirable results in the form of decent revenue generation.

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