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How to use Google Analytics?

Google offers a service known as Google Analytics (GA) that produces detailed statistics about the traffic and traffic sources of a website. It is the most largely used website that provides statistics service. It is important to know how to use Google Analytics in order to examine website in depth. The basic Google Analytics service does not cost anything as it is free of charge but the premium version is offered for a fee. This service can track visitors or traffic from all referrers such as search engines, social networks, referring sites and direct visits.

How to Use Google Analytics?

In order to make money online blogging, it is essential to know traffic sources and make correct use of them to increase your blog worth. It can also track display advertising, email marketing, pay per click networks and digital collateral. Due to installed AdWords, users are able to review online campaigns by tracing landing page quality and goals. Goals refer to lead generation, sales, siting a specific page or downloading certain file. Using Google Analyctics efficiently helps to make money online wisely.

How Google Analytics work?

The Google Analytics function in a way that it shows high level dashboard type data for the casual user and a detailed, in depth data further into the report set. It can detect pages that are functioning poorly, with certain techniques such as funnel visualization. It can also trace the geographical location of visitors, where they came from i.e. referrers and the time frame of their stay on the page. Other highly advanced features are also incorporated such as custom visitor segmentation.

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 Google Analytics E-commerce

Google Analytics e-commerce involves reporting related to sales and performance. It can be used to identify sales activity, performance, and reports. The reports generated by e-commerce display a website’s revenue, transactions, and other commerce related metrics that is really important for all bloggers who want to make money online blogging.

Google Analytics: User Profiles

A user can have maximum of fifty profiles on the websites. Each profile usually links to one website. However, it is restricted to websites that have traffic of less than 5 million page views per month, or the site is associated with an AdWords Campaign. This service by Google offers strong digital analytics for everyone having web presence, small or big. Executives, marketing professionals, web developers and especially bloggers who want to make money online wisely can gain a lot from it.

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