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A River in Flood English Essay

A River in Flood English Essay

A River in Flood English essay
A River in Flood English Essay, When it rains heavily or snow melts due to hot summer, the water level in stream channels rises. If the quantity of water is too great to flow in the rivers, it results in terrific floods. Last summer the lashing rains poured down in every part of the country. The snow on the peaks of hills melted in the sweltering heat. The water in rivers rose to an extremely dangerous level. The government warned the people of the impending terrible flood. The people living in the surrounding of rivers were particularly asked shift to safe places.
Our village stood on the bank of Indus River. We were living on the verge of danger. Many people left the village. They also carried away their household goods. Some drove away their animals even. But some people refused to leave the village. Some brave young men stayed there to help the people in the hour of need. I was one of them. We made a few shelters in the trees where we stored food in abundance. Then at midnight, we heard the uproar of the huge waves. The water had flowed from the banks of the river. It was flowing with terrible sped. The people were crying for help. The brave young men of our village rushed to help them. Many people were put in the shelters in trees. But the animals drowned in the flood. The crops were razed. All the mud houses collapsed in the massive flow of water. The straw-built huts were washed away by the giant waves. The whole area looked flooded. In the morning, the rescue teams reached there. The people were shifted to safe places. But the village was entirely destroyed.

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