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A Fortune-Teller English Essay

A Fortune-Teller English Paragraph

A Fortune-Teller English Paragraph
A fortune Teller essay in English: A Fortune-Telling is to predict the future through psychic means. Many people use astrology as a method of fortune-telling. Other method includes palmistry. It is the practice of interpreting the lines in hands. Cartomancy is another method of fortune-telling. It is the prediction of the future using special cards such as tarot cards. Another method of fortune telling is necromancy, in which people predict the future through communication with the spirits of dead people. Although fortune-telling has little support in science, it is very popular with the people. Everyone wants to know about his future. People feel highly excited about the time ahead. A fortune-telling is the person who tells the people about future events. Therefore, he succeeds in catching the people's attention. He is usually equipped with some books of magic, cards, maps etc. He is a great psychologist. He knows how to arouse curiosity in the public. This is his skill. This is his profession. They can predict something very accurate. But mostly such people are just like jugglers and acrobats. They play with the delicate feelings of the people just to get money. Villagers and illiterate people become their easy victims. They pose to be great astrologers. They claim to know the movements of stars. But in fact, they are fraud. Islam forbids fortune-telling. Therefore, we should ban the fortune-tellers.

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