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  1. The landscape of Pakistan goes Digital
    After the introduction of the 3G and 4G network services in Pakistan, the landscape for information, advertising, news, marketing and other mediums are turning digital. There is no doubt that we are moving towards the age of information and the fittest will be those who can adapt and change towards this trend.
    Those who can obtain the information they need from the digital mediums such as the internet and learn these skills quickly as required may survive. All the mediums are shifting towards the digital side as social media, networking websites, information via hash tags and job portals accounts has a deep impact on our lives than any other medium.
    Many businesses have felt it necessary to market their business through the use of digital mediums such as the internet. These include the use of social media networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Goggle+, linkedin and many more. Now by the use of 3G and 4G services, there arise many opportunities for online businesses as well as job opportunities and competition.
    An example can be seen from the online retailer businesses. Like ebay and amazon, many new online retailer shopping businesses are on the rise. Daraz and kaymu are most preferred for their online shopping for apparel wears; being backed by the world’s largest e-commerce focused venture capital firms Rocket Internet.
    Such online retailer shopping businesses are on the rise through the use of 3G and 4G network services where there is easy shopping and payment on delivery convenience. Thus network service opportunity has proved its worth for the e-commerce industry.
    Other online shopping websites include homeshopping, and shophive but the best so far is This online shopping website has grown impressively with only a few months in the market place. with its promotional, seasonal and deal offers provide discounts and hassle free shopping needs for the customers.
    Such online shopping websites prove most beneficial for the people living in rural areas where they don’t have such big shopping multiplexes or marketplace where online shopping vendors such as give them the opportunity of delivery all over Pakistan.
    So to say that the landscape of Pakistan is gone digital where it is easy to find things online to buy and sell. With the 3G and 4G network services, the internet has gone from a technical wonder to a business must element.

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    1. Thanks Ahtisham HASSAN for your appreciation. You will find many more useful articles here on "Blogging in Pakistan" on how to make money and write essays in english. Just keep visiting and sharing!
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