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How to increase my Cost per Click (CPC)?

Blogging is no doubt one of the most earning businesses online even in Pakistan. It needs minimum effort if you know well how to blog. Initially bloggers have to pay considerate time and attention towards things that help them in money making online wisely. However, once things are settled, your blog starts making money with little effort endorsement but on regular basis. Even if you feel it hard to make money online using blogging then no worries at all. Read here to know other best ways that help in making cash online without blogging. On the other hand, bloggers who use Google Adsense to make money online have to consider factors that are essential to increase adsense revenue. Several terms are important in case of Google Adsense earnings, where CPC or Cost per Click is a most probable and imperative term that has huge impact on how much you earn from your blog. That is why, increasing CPC is as important as running a blog itself. Blogs that have low CPC are unable to generate huge revenue for you even if you receive decent traffic to your blog. If you want to know how to increase blog CPC, then read the following tips that work efficiently to increase blog/website CPC (cost per click).

how to increase cpc? tips

What is CPC (Cost per Click?)

Google Adsense is a most powerful and high paying source of income for publishers that pays using CPC method. In this way, when a visitor visits a site/blog, if he clicks on any of ads placed on that website, Google pays the publisher for that particular click. This is known as Cost per Click scenario where publishers are paid by Adsense based on CPC. Depending on numerous factors, CPC can range from $0.01 to even more than $100 per click. Here are few best tips to increase Google Adsense CPC:

Focus On Niche

Before starting blogging, you must think about choosing most convenient and useful niche. Niche means topic or theme of your blog. It is better to choose a niche that is popular among people as more people will be interested in to know about it hence, there are chances of receiving better CPC. You may search for topics and ideas people are looking for on the internet. There are various tools that can help you to know what people are looking for and what they want. For instance, Google Trends is a free service by Google that enables you to know what people are searching online. You can even find searches in specific countries to target traffic from certain region. Here is a list of most popular niches that people want to know about. You can choose any of them to receive better traffic and high CPC (such as, by means of targeting traffic from certain countries).
increase cpc to increase adsense revenue

Popular Niches 

Health and Fitness

Choose High Paying Keywords

After choosing most popular niche, next important factor that increases CPC is to choose high paying keywords. In this way, it is very important to keep in mind that choosing high paying keywords that have high competition may be difficult for you to rank especially if you are new to blogging. That is why, thorough research is mandatory to choose only those keywords that offer higher CPC and do not have so much high competition that becomes harder for you to rank them in Google and other search engines. Using different keyword tools (such as, Google Keyword Tool)  allow bloggers to choose high paying keywords where high paying refers to higher cost per click or CPC.  

Use Quality Content

If your blog does not have quality content, it is not going to gain desirable CPC, even if you choose popular niche and high paying keywords (Find what Quality Content is?). Content serves as King for every blog and website no matter what is its niche. It is good to use long articles having word count more than 500 and more is even better. It is because, long article has better keyword optimization hence, ranking it is easier. In addition to this, if keyword optimized articles (SEO articles) are ranked well in Google, it helps to receive increased CPC especially if targeted special regions such as, United States through proper keywords insertion.

Target Right Traffic Sources

This is the most important thing to increase your CPC. In this way, bloggers target specific location where cost per click is better than in other regions. For instance, United States and United Kingdom are such countries where CPC is much higher than CPC in India and Bangladesh etc. You can even mention desirable country in Google Web Master Tools to target audience from. Find how to target country in SEO to increase CPC.

Use Attractive Ads Format

If ads on your blog are striking and eye catching then, they will certainly get clicks. It is better to make use of convenient Ad sizes that they may gain user attraction easily. Plus, ad placement is important too. It is better to place ads in portion that are more visible on your blog or website so more users may click on it hence, resulting better revenues.

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