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How to Detect and Treat Hacked Content on Website

Some of you might have experienced your site id being compromised. In other words, your site may have been hacked. In today’s cyber complex world, getting hacked is very common even with high security measures. Usually people come to know when their websites get hacked but not always. Today, hackers hack the website in such a way that their presence is not felt and they exploit users. The purpose of such hackers is that they keep on adding spam pages, to redirect users to other random destinations. Thus, to overcome such a situation it is very important for the site owners to get it fixed as soon as possible to make money online blogging successfully. Following are some of the useful tips to check for hacked content.

Detect Hacked Content

Suspicious/ Unknown Activity

Bloggers who are serving efforts to make money online wisely have to act sensibly to avoid hacking and other concerns that can affect the way to make money online blogging. Sometimes, Google shows hacked site in search result pages. If you come across such a clue for your own website then you should acknowledge it immediately that sometime seriously wrong is going on and that might be that your site is hacked.

Other suspicious activities taking place on your website can also be an indication of being hacked. These activities might include new pages showing up on your website, new directories adding up in your website’s directories etc. You need to perform site search and check your files and directories regularly for your website in order to notice any change. You can also opt for Google Alert to get alerts for any unknown activity to continue your efforts to make money online wisely. Google Alert will notify you through an email when any of the certain keywords are detected on your website.

Email Forwarding in Webmaster Tools

Google detects if your website is hacked or seems to be hacked and send you a message in your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard regarding this. However, in case you are not regular in checking your Google Webmaster Tools inbox, then you need to set up email forwarding to your personal email address or the one which you check regularly. In this way, you will remain notified, however, Google does not detect all sort of hacked content but it provides you a chance with the most common ones.

Unusual Queries on Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

The Search Queries page in Google Webmaster Tools shows the queries that have returned URLs from your website in search results.  If your website gets hacked, you may notice some unexpected and unusual queries for some days.

Ways to Fix Hacked Content

Fix Hacked Content Issues 

Stay Alert

The Security Issues section in Webmaster Tools shows you hacked pages that Google has noticed on your website. Apart from detection, it also provides you with a detailed and effective information regarding fixing your hacked content.

Security against Potential Attacks

It is always more effective to take preventive measures instead of curative. Providing your website with security and prevention measures will block the hackers from approaching. Security vulnerabilities are one of the strongest ways to reach website and hack it. Thus, your basic aim should be to prevent and secure your website. Following are some of the ways to do so:
  1. Always keep up to date software that runs your website and sign up for the latest security announcement updates if your website management software tools offer..
  2. If your website software is managed by your hosting provider then you should try to choose such a provided that you can trust completely to maintain security.

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