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How to use Google Webmaster Tools to track website performance?

Every blogger wants to know the performance of his/her blogs as this affects the way to make money online blogging. For the same reason, you can easily find many software and online programs that help all webmasters and bloggers to keep an eye on how their websites are growing on. This certainly helps in a number of ways as you can easily examine your website for all its positive as well as negative factors that are directly linked with fame and revenue. Google as master of all provides us a best way to keep tracking your websites and blogs in much more handy manner. With Google Webmaster Tools, things have become simpler than ever that paved your way to make money online wisely from home. There are more than enough benefits of using Google Webmaster Tools. Let us have a look at them in next section:

how to use Google Webmaster Tools?

How does Webmaster Tools work?

Using Google Webmaster Tools is very simple. First of all, you need to sign up for Google webmaster tools. If you are already signed in, then it will redirect you to the Home page automatically. At hoe page, you have to add your site using “Add a Site” button at right side. Here, you will enter the complete URL of your website or blog. Here, you can find Google Webmaster Tools:

benefits of Google Webmaster Tools

Crawl Error

After your site is added, next is keeping track of its overall performance. There are many categories for checking different performance aspects of a site. For instance, Crawl Error allows you to find any kind of errors that are encountered while a user crawl your site.
Here you can check sites errors with DNS, Server connectivity and Robots.txt fetch. If you did not find any error here, then certainly your site performance is good.

Search Queries

Next option is Search Queries that is hugely useful for checking the queries users enter in search engine and visit your website. You can focus on queries that are searched more to improve accessibility to your site in result of search. Here, you can find Top Pages on your blog that are searched and clicked more. You can take benefit of it easily while growing the quality of content and working on keywords so more people will come to your site. This section of Webmaster Tools further helps you to locate internal links and links to your site.


Google Webmaster Tools
The last section of Webmaster Tools is ”Sitemap”. Here you can see how many web pages you have submitted and how many of them are being indexed by Google. So, if any web page is not indexed, you can check it easily. Webmaster Tools also allow you to submit your sitemap to Google to get all submitted pages indexed soon.

Bloggers who make money online blogging can easily make use of Google Webmaster Tools to deeply analyze each and every single performance aspect for their sites and remove all revealed errors there.

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