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How to Block some Google Adsense Ads?

Google has become one of the most famous and useful source of income for all those who use either of its two services i.e. Adsense and Adwords. In case of Google Adsense, users are agreed on placing different ads by Google that are when clicked adds some amount of revenue in publisher’s Adsense account.  This is the way how people make money online blogging. No matter which kind of website or blog you have, Google places different ads on different placements on your website or blog. This is up to you where Google places such ads. However, most annoying and unpleasant moment is when you find ads being placed on your website that are not much related to your niche or in fact look like spam. Users or bloggers. A few times before, users were unable to manage and remove such ads that are chosen by Google however situation has changed now. After receiving too many complaints or requests from publishers, Google has now allowed them to clock certain ads that are irrelevant or look like spam. Find how to block some Google Adsense Ads in the following section.
How to Block some Google Adsense Ads?

How to Block some Google Adsense Ads?

  •  In the beginning, it seems difficult how to block some Google ads however; things are quite simple after reading following steps to block some Google ads.
  • In order to block an ad, you need to find its URL. Finding address of text ad is simple but, you need to do an additional step to find address of a banner ad.
  • For a banner ad, right click on it and click on “Copy link address”.
  • After copying address of the ad, paste it in a WordPad document.
  • You can see the address of that Adsense ad at the end of the link.
  • This is the time to block an adsense ad after getting its proper URL. Log in to your Adsense account and click on “Allow and Block Ads”.
  • Ensure that you have selected the website from side panel you want to block an ad on.
  • After that, click on “Advertiser URLs” and paste the address of that unwanted ad in it.
  • You can block as many ads as you need by following the same procedure.
How to Block certain Google Adsense Ads?

Note: Remember that this method of how to block Adsense ads may not work properly for Flash ads.
Proper placement of Adsense Ads is essential to make money online wisely. Publishers have to find worth of ads that are paying more than others. For this case, they should keep blocking useless ads that are not related to their websites or blogs and, are not generating enough revenue. In my next article, I will share my views on how to find low performance of Adsense categories that need to be blocked for required revenue generation. Keep visiting and sharing these posts on Facebook, Google Plus and other social media platforms.

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