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A Visit To A Hill Station Essay in English

A Visit To A Hill Station Essay in english

A Visit To A Hill Station Essay in English

Every time, I want to bring something more informative and more useful for my readers so they can make money online wisely without making any kind of mistakes. I suggest you to make money online blogging therefore, I want to share my thoughts regarding blogger's blog to make money online. Such as lats time, we talked about Settings of Blogger blog. Today we will talk about Trips and how they give us joy and fun. They add to our knowledge. They refresh our mind. 
It was pleasant day of summer. we decided to visit Murree hills. We hired a bus and reached there. we stayed in a beautiful hotel. first of all, we had a bath and took some rest. In the evening, we went out. It was really a lovely weather. the cool breeze was fanning our faces. It was nearly getting dark when we returned.
The next day, we visited Patriata. We sat in the cable car. It was so wonderful to look down from the cable car. The view below was very beautiful. At last, we reached Patriata Hills. we stayed there for three hours. We returned to Murree in the evening. The next day, we visited some nearby valleys. We stayed in Murree for three days. AFter that, we returned to our city. It was a great trip.

In my next post, I will bring an article about Boy Scouts Essay. Keep visiting for more essay in English and tips on how to make money online wisely through blogging in Pakistan.

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