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Top Blogging Platforms

Best Blogging Platforms

If you are searching for top Best Blogging Platform to make money with blogging then you are at right place. Some peoples are searching for Top Best Blogging Platform , therefore I have searched and got the results to bring useful content on "Blogging in Pakistan". So the top blogging platforms are listed down with information about them.

Top Blogging Platforms

Best Blogging Platform


Blogger is 1st in our best blogging platform counting. Blogger is a most popular and world free blogging service for you and it is owned by the Google. Blogger have the world best script, easy to use and fast. You can create a blog in just a minute and can easily publish your first post under 15 minutes because its easy and ultra fast script and setup. Blogger Supports the drag and drop template editing, updating blogger dynamically, the Geo tagging for adding the locations of blogging and easy way to publish from editing tools for example: Windows live writer, Google Docs, Microsoft Word and many more etc. Blogger supports up-to 110+ users for blog, so if you want to tone-up your blogger blog beyond of single publisher you can expand it without any hassle.

top blogging platforms


Tumblr is 2nd in our best blogging platform counting. is an easy way to set up a fresh blogger blog. Tumblr is a interesting fusion between a blogger blog and twitter feed, This is Known as micro blogging or short form. The style of blogging on Tumblr blog is focused on frequent and short posts that are normally longer than twitter. it's style that appeals to a lot of people and the easy to set up. Tumblr is winning combination for peoples who are not looking to commit to blog as time consuming projects. If this is first time you have come over the fancy of micro blogging, Make sure to check out Tumblr about page which provides a interesting articles with pictures of micro blogging.
WordPress is 3rd in our best blogging platform counting. WordPress is popular open source blogging platform in the world. As WordPress user, you have option to set up a WordPress blog on your server or create WordPress hosted blog at WordPress. WordPress provides you a free sub domain with hosting Ex. WordPress allows you to change themes, install a plugins and gadgets. it is not simple to set up and configure the WordPress blog. Once your blog is running you are rewarded with nearly limitless array of options, configuration, ad plugins There are many Tips and Tricks for WordPress blog. Many people use the WordPress open source script because Google loves WordPress. Google index WordPress blog much faster than Blogger or Tumblr blog. You can simply add many users to your WordPress blog and they can maintain your blog. If you want a primary administrator then you can also add him/her from the user settings. It is simple and easy to use.

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