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City Life Essay in English

City Life Essay in English

As we are covering different English essays in our last few posts in addition to our routine articles related to make money online blogging. My next few posts will be based on similar essays such as today I will bring a City Life essay in English for you. Hopefully, in my next articles, I will bring more practical articles on "A Visit to a Museum Essay", "My House Essay", "My Hobby Essay" and others...

City Life English Essay

A city is a vast built-up area. A large number of people live and work there. We find high buildings, vast roads and big bazaars in cities. There are schools and colleges. In addition, health facilities are better in cities than in towns and villages. Many kinds of eatables are available in a city.
There are hotels and utility stores. Streets and roads are clean and wider. Conditions of cleanliness are good in cities. Clean drinking water is available all the time. Despite these benefits of a city life, there are some probable harms as well. In cities, life is found to be quick. People are usually selfish and proud in cities than in villages. They are always busy in either earning or spending money. They do not help the needy most of the times. People living in cities cannot enjoy the pure air and fresh food. Air is dusty and smoky. Some probable steps can make a city life good. Fresh air and clean water should be provided to the people living in cities. Also, trees should be planted on wider areas to keep air hygienic and fresh.
I hope, this article was of use for you. Do not forget to share your thoughts on this essay in English on city life and your suggestions to make money online blogging based on your personal experiences.

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