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What is Google Page Rank (PR)?

Google is the biggest source of income or to make money online wisely. People may use either Adwords or Adsense that are Google services. For all those who are unaware of Google page Rank, it is a link analysis algorithm used by Google search to rank or rate websites on a logarithmic scale. Scale is of 0-10, with 10 being the best or highest rank. Google has been updating algorithm every 3 months displaying the rankings of the website. However, it has been more than 8 months since last Google Page Rank. The last Page Rank was seen in last December, which was also 7 months late. This service of ranking is known to be one of the most trusted metrics for assessing the quality and significance of a website. Thus, some websites which make money online blogging are still stuck with lowest Page Rank ratings.

Expected Google PR Update in year 2013: Matt Cutts Views

What is Google Page Rank?
The update that was supposed to be released in the second or third quarter of 2013, but it was not to be, because of the issue with algorithm. According to Google’s spam webmaster Matt Cutts the ‘pipeline’ that is used to send Page Rank Updates to the toolbar is damaged, thus, Page Rank would not update automatically. Surprisingly, according to Google, people give much importance to Page Rank, even though it is not of great significance anymore. Hence, settling the problem is not thought to be the most important task.
Last year’s Page Rank update is said to be partly unintentional, as Matt Cutts claimed that the during the fixation process of a different back-end service, the team had to conduct a Page Rank along the way. These pieces of information, make us wonder if the Page Rank would not occur again? The answer is yet unknown but predictable and is really important for all people who are interested to make money online wisely.
Information about Google Page Rank

We need to keep in mind that the issue was occurred due to a broken pipeline between Page Rank algorithm at the back end and the toolbar. It is known that Page Rank is continuously updated for internal use for the purpose of rating pages. It is just that outsiders do not know how things change in a prompt and in what manner. Thus, they cannot make conclusions.
Definitely, Google is of the view that the webmasters (or bloggers who make money online wisely) do not need to know about the latest data as publishers obsess over it a lot. But, according to Google consumers still find it necessary. Now, all this creates confusion, as we cannot conclude what Google is up to as one hand it says people need the data and think is necessary for them but on the other hand, it is of the view that people obsess over it and give it unnecessary importance. 

What Google Will do?

Everyone, using the toolbar, also sends Google back data related to what they are viewing. So, it can be assumed that Google keeps it going because it wants that data. But, Google needs to do one thing; either update it continuously or eliminate it forever. This is all what can be said about the latest information about Google Page Rank that is significant for all bloggers who want to make money online blogging.

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