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Village Life Essay in English

Village Life Essay in English

Village Life Essay in English

A village is a small town, in the country area. it consists of a few huts and mud houses. These houses are built all over the area. There are green fields and tall tress there. There is no special fun for the villagers. Their only hobby is to have a talk in the evening. A marriage is the most amusing event for the villagers. It shows feelings of the villagers. Village fair is still another event of fun for them. Village life is easy and pure. It is full of simple joys. The needs of the villagers are a few. their dress, food and habits are simple. Villagers are kind, sincere and honest people. They love their customs and traditions. The education facilities are limited there. Most of the people in villages are ignorant. Schools and colleges should be opened there. New roads should be built. Villages should be linked with cities.
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    Please check Problems of Rural Population In Pakistan to read about village life in Pakistan.

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