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The Cow Essay in English

The Cow Essay in English The Cow Essay in English

The cow is a useful animal. It is kept in the houses. In villages, people raise cows to get milk. Its milk is a good diet. It tastes sweet and delicious. Children love to drink it. It is very nourishing. It is also used for making curd, butter and many sweets. The cow is fed with grass, flour, oil cakes and bread. Oil cakes are its favorite food. In villages and hilly areas, it is set free to graze in grassy fields. It is of many kinds and colors. It looks really beautiful. it bears two horns on its head. They lend charm and beauty to its look. People like to have those cows that yield plenty of milk. When a cow stops yielding milk, it is slaughtered. Its meat is eaten with relish. Its hide is used in making various things of leather. In short, it is very popular among the masses.

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