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What Matt Cutts says about New Blogs?

Every day, we see lots of websites and blogs are created where most of them are created to make money online wisely using blogging (i.e. to make money online blogging). Many bloggers and webmasters who are owning sites that are old sometime complain that new blogs tend to receive better fame hence revenue, as compare to old ones. Well, there are certain reasons that make out the worth of new blogs in comparison with old ones that allow them to become source of decent income for bloggers and pave their way to make money online blogging.

How to increase  traffic?

Google Adsense

We (bloggers) are mostly earning through Google Adsense program. Therefore, it is important for all of us to keep in touch with what Google suggests bloggers over time. In fact, keeping pace with Google suggestions is the best approach that can prevent website owners from many probable threats to their sites including considerate penalties.

Matt Cutt Thoughts about New Websites

Matt Cutts the head of Google Webspam periodically announces vital news that are related to Google Adsense and other policies and programs offered by Google. Bloggers must be connected to Matt Cutts profiles in order to be aware of his latest comments.

How to Keep in Touch with Matt Cutts Latest Comments?

What Matt Cutts says

You can catch Matt Cutts latest talks on these links easily:

As we all know that Google keeps on changing its algorithms to allow deserving sites and blogs grow as they are worthy of. At the same time, Google offers updates to put out of action all illegal somewhat illegitimate websites that are continuously disobeying its terms and policies. Matt Cutts keeps talking about any such changing that directly influence the way, you blog. 

For example, Matt Cutts said on 27 January 2014 about new and old websites:

 “Newer sites, more agile sites, more hungry sites, more sites that have a better user experience, they can grow, and they can eclipse you if you don't continue to adapt and evolve and move with the times."

As clearly seen from his remarks, Matt Cutts appreciates new sites more when they are being updated regularly to make money online wisely. It does not mean that older sites and blogs lose their worth with time, but, according to his comments, older sites that are not being updated on regular basis, hence lose their traffic as well worth over time. On the other hand, if you own a site that is more than 10 years old or so, and you are regularly updating it, then there is no comparison between its worth with new sites and blogs. Bloggers (interested in to make money online blogging) who think that maintaining a site with many articles, backlinks other SEO tactics will keep them safe in future, without regular update, then they are certainly at fault.

Update your blog regularly

Regular Update is a MUST

No matter how old or new your site is, but if you want it to keep growing and gaining desirable revenue, then just emphasize on regular update. Do not lose the value of your precious sites and blogs ever. Just keep it going on with regular update, to keep on receiving better revenue!

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