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A Visit to a Museum Essay in English

A Visit to a Museum Essay in English

A Visit to a Museum essay in english A Visit to a Museum Essay in English, Co-curricular activities impart recreation, pleasure and knowledge to the students. Schools arrange visits and trips for the purpose of the enjoyment and information. Last Friday, our school arranged a visit to Lahore Museum. We reached the Museum at about 11 We all were extremely eager to visit the Museum. We bought the tickets and entered the edifice of ancient culture and civilization. It was a wonderful world of ancient art. We want to discover the new treasures of the ancient world. There were swords, daggers, garments, ornaments, coins, bows, arrows, and many other thing. There were fragments of pottery, paintings and pictures. Everything there highlighted some ancient story.
We felt to be the inhabitants of an ancient world. We appreciated the taste and skills of the old masters. Information slips were displayed at the top every glass-case. They imparted sufficient information about the objects displayed in the glass-cases. Our teachers also helped us to understand these things They told us some startling events of the old times. Every picture and portrait told a chapter of history. We spent a lot of time there visiting various rooms and sections of the museum. Finally we got tired and gathered in the grassy lawn of the museum. We took some rest there and drank tea. We also talked about the various things we had just seen.

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